Friday, April 22, 2016

Here Comes the Weekend.....

So how was your week?

Mine was...

Well it was a week anyway.  :)

I had hoped to get some finished object photo's but when the model and I were available the weather had other ideas!  I don't mind dragging her out in the cold, or the blazing hot sun, but I am not subjecting my merino/mohair shawl to pouring down rain!

Instead I have some WIP pictures for you. 

The third Colourmart Spring Contest Design entry is behaving itself relatively well.  I didn't actually do a full swatch for this one, so the sizing is a little up in the air right now.  TDQ and TOB say that I should add another pattern stitch to it, but to be honest, I am already getting bored with it.

I guess that shows, when I told the kids that I needed some peace and quiet for a while (actually the words I used were...can you all go away and leave me alone?  Don't talk to me, I am editing!) there was lots of whispering about hiding my needles and putting up a locking door on the stash room, because usually that is a sign I am about to stash dive in the most untidy way and cast on a half a million new things!

Really what I need is the peace of knitting and babysitting someone elses pattern for a bit.  Living in my own charting and writing is leading to a new kind of insanity!  (The kind where one idea leads to another and then a third and before I know it I have 7 word documents and 13 excel files open and I am trying desperately to get all the ideas out in one foul swoop.)

So far, I am keeping track of all the knitters who are test knitting different items for me!  At least I haven't sent anyone the chart for the wrong pattern yet!  I did have a snafu with one set of charts....pasting them as a picture in a word doc wasn't working so I tried doing something different in excel.  Which led to my somehow saving the file after deleting half of one chart. (Just one out of three, go figure!)  Having just got done knitting it, recreating the chart was going to be what I thought was easy peasy so I copied part of one of the other charts to give myself an edge to work to and filled in the blanks....with the minor problem of not being able to count to 32!  Luckily the test knitters spotted that one right off and it is all fixed now!

What I should do, to keep the startitis at bay, is pull out the shawl patterns and edit those....

But, this weekend is destined for putting plants in the garden and soaking up some Vitamin D while the sun shines.  Maybe, if I am lucky I can catch TDQ long enough to get those finished object pictures!


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Jenny Plowman said...

Hi Mary. I have a few WIP's at the moment. I am knitting a magic square blanket for charity, Crocheting fingerless gloves(also for charity) booties, baby jackets. I am so busy doing things for charity, I don't do much for myself but I did take some time recently to crochet a jacket/cardigan for me. Love everything you do.