Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Works In Progress on Wednesday

Today I have both a long term and a (hopefully) short term work in progress to share with you.

Let's start with the long term project.

I got a few hexes knit on my Margarita's Coverlet and as attaching them to each other is much easier if they are all the same size and shape, followed the same routine that I have with the rest of the hexes and immediately blocked them.  When I was sliding the fourth one onto the pins I remembered that I hadn't mentioned how I was blocking them, just that five lonely hexes had been abandoned on a blocking mat behind the sofa for the best part of six months.

To make sure that all the hexes are the same size and shape the first thing I did was to make myself a cardboard template. Then I set pins in my blocking mat right at the corners of the template.  Then, because we get creative around here when we don't have enough of something like double pointed needles to block multiple hexes at the same time, I slide the completed hexes live stitches onto a pick up stick.

Yes, just like the kids game!  Those then get supported by the pins and the hex gets pulled into shape.  I know that when Andrea knit hers she actually drew the outline of the hex in sharpie marker on her blocking mat, but by using the template if I should ever knit so fast that the first one is still wet when I finish knitting hex number six I can just move to the next mat.  I haven't knit that fast yet, but you never know!

My ColourMart Lover's Contest Entry is ....shhh don't tell her....behaving quite well.

So far I have only had to make one change to my chart since I last tinkered with it and that was a copy/paste error, I hit the wrong grid line when I pasted.

As we all know that swatches are dirty little liars, I haven't actually entered her into either the "small neck" or "large neck" categories.  I think, if the swatch was being truthful, that she will end up in the large category with about a 27 inch drop and 50-something inch wingspan.....but I am not counting my chickens on that yet!  Right now she is a very manageable 130-ish stitch count, having started from three half hitches. But, the rows are getting longer so I am sure that my feeling like I am zipping through the knitting will slow along the way.

What's on your needles this week?


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