Friday, March 25, 2016

Not a Finished Object Friday

There is an author that used to post to a message board that I would hang out on when I had nothing better to do and the kids were younger and had a much earlier bed time.*  We always knew that she was close to announcing the next book when she would drop these cryptic comments about "nothing to see here, just move along" in her best beat patrol officer typying.

Today it is my turn to say those words.

Nothing to see here, today, so move along.

Can I suggest you move along to the Preview page of Knotions?

Maybe take a close look at some of the socks?

As for me, well, I am moving along too.  I want to get a few more rows in on my contest shawl!


*I miss those quiet times, when it felt like I had the house to myself...although come to think of it, right now I have a daughter upstairs working on her homework and two boys intent on whatever project they are working on...everyone wearing headphones (except me) so I am the only one making the house not so quiet.

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