Sunday, March 27, 2016

In Which The Rows Get Longer

Did you peek at the Knotions Spring Preview post yesterday?  Specifically, did you look at the socks?  I'll talk more about that next week.  The patterns go live on Saturday and I can't wait to actually get to read some of them, the double gussets on the bottom of the foot of one pair of socks look very interesting!

Before then I will need some other traveling project though, and my ColourMart Spring Contest Shawl no longer counts as small enough to put in my pocket and pull out in a hurry.

Part of what I was aiming for in designing this piece was a top down triangle, that still started with a small number of stitches and grew to a pretty border, but didn't have a standard spine that is worked as a yarn over, knit one, yarn over.  I also didn't want to just do a make one, knit one, make one.  Lots of swatches later and I thought I had a plan, actually I did have a plan, but I rapidly changed it when I got into the actual knitting.

(Excuse the scribbles on the picture, apparently my hands are not so steady when it comes to using a mouse to try and draw and write!)

I am at the point where I have finished the first and second stitch patterns that I wanted for this shawl. 

Once I am done typing this I will do the set up row for the third, which as I designed this as a modular piece looks exactly like the set up for the first and second, then get our dinner on the table.  I used up some of my knitting time today enjoying a perfect spring day just outside Columbus, Ohio.  My computer says it got up to 75 degrees, blue sky, sunshine and garden that is still in desperate need of some tender loving care!

This past week TFB and I did generate six bags of yard waste picking up acorns, branches, the leaves we had used to mulch a couple of flower beds and weeds.  This coming week TOB is on spring break, so we will see if his sense of wanting to do more than his brother leads us to creating even more!  All three had spring break on different weeks this year, so I have taken the opportunity to spend some one on one time with each one.  I am taking what I can get, at nearly 17 and 20 it won't be much longer until they are all living their own lives, with less time to devote to hanging out with mom!

For those that are so inclined...Happy Easter!  I hope your Easter Baskets were filled with merino and angora.  Who needs eggs when lambs and rabbits can signify spring and re-birth with their fur???


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