Monday, March 14, 2016

3.14 Kicked out of the Mom's Union Again

Every time that I get let back in, I do something that gets me kicked out again!

What, you may ask?  Kicked out?  Kicked out of what?

The Mom's Union.

Every time I do the "right" mom things, you know make the kids clean their rooms, brush their teeth, eat their veggies (that last one is actually pretty easy, we eat vegetarian a lot of the time, if you don't eat your veggies you would get pretty hungry!) which get's me back into the Mom Union,  I then turn around and do something unspeakable that I get kicked right back out again.

We do eat really healthy most of the time around here.  We claim it is a 90/10 split with us eating well 90% of the time and whatever we want the other 10%, but when I look at the calendar where I keep track of "what's for dinner" the actual amount of 10% days is no where near as high as 10%. (Shhh, don't tell the kids that!)

Where is this going?

Well, if you live in the United States and write dates the way we do, today is special. Today is 3.14, which is pi.  It deserves celebration and celebrate we will.
(photo shamelessly stolen from a list of google images that stated they were public domain.)

I am feeding my family apple pie for dinner!

Yep, kicked out of the Mom's Union again!

But, to bring this back to knitting, if you want a healthier way of celebrating Pi Day, you could cast on a Pi Shawl.

Ravelry has tons to pick from.

Here is one of  my favorites!

Snow Queen, by Andrea Jurgrau.

Happy Pi Day!


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