Friday, March 4, 2016

A Fairly Quick Test Knit and Changes in the Blog

I finished my Hop O My Thumb test knit for a fellow raveller this week.  I picked the mirrored option for the second sock and I think that they actually turned out pretty well.

I got a chunk of knitting time in on those socks waiting for a repair man to look at the dishwasher.  He quoted me a repair price that is just slightly less than an entire new dishwasher!  Even though it is only one portion of a pump that has gone bad, it comes as a single piece unit, two pumps and a motor!  Guess I get better at handwashing dishes for a while as both the numbers (his quote and the new dishwasher) are a couple of hundred dollars above what I am willing, or able, to spend on it at the moment.*

The yarn is from my (hoarded) stash of Land O Lace Steffi and I knit the socks on 1.5 US needles.  To the rest of the world that would be 2.5mm.  I think in total there are about 64 beads in my version, more if you follow the pattern and work them all the way down to the toe.

TDQ does not like beads inside her shoes so I left the ones on the feet off and we like long socks around here so I also repeated the leg chart an extra time which gives us a really tall tree on the back of the socks and a long path through the woods on the front.

Sorry, I wasn't up to going out in the (really soft and fluffy looking) snow today to get pictures, so I just had TDQ stand on a chair so that I could give you an idea of what they look like.  When the pattern is released I will let you know so you can knit your own pair!

Speaking of pattern releases, I have three patterns, no four patterns, with test knitters now, that hopefully will be making their debut soon!  With so many designers looking for test knitters on Ravelry it is sometimes hit or miss if you get a good selection of skill levels in a I have decided it would be worth my while to announce upcoming tests and pattern releases a different way.

If you look over on the sidebar you will see a place where you can sign up for a newsletter.  I swear upon my yarn stash, especially that (hoarded) stash of discontinued Land O Lace yarn I have that I will never share your information and I am not going to bombard you with emails, but about once a month I will let you know what is upcoming for testing and give you a way of joining in if you want, what is about to be, or has just been, published so you can grab a copy of the pattern if you would like, maybe some knitting tips, and a hidden promo code to make it worth your while actually reading the thing!  If you sign up, expect the first newsletter later this month.

Happy Weekend!


*TFB did offer to raid his "Money to Take over the World" can to buy a new dishwasher, and as he is my saver he has enough, but I am not (quite) sick enough of doing dishes the old fashioned way yet to take him up on it.

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