Sunday, March 6, 2016

WIP Sunday

I finally couldn't take listening to my fingering weight Annapurna whimpering from the corner of my desk any more, and picked her up to do a little bit of work on her this weekend.  At first I was a little taken aback that she was just plain green, and then I remembered that it was Lacesheknits version I was remembering in a gorgeous gradient!  Of course, once she was in my fingers I remembered how much I really like the yarn I am working with and how the pattern, that looks so complex, has such a relaxing rhythm to it.

There are only two reasons to knit the same pattern three times!  Either you are a sucker for punishment (I'm not!) or it is a really great pattern.

I have just finished up Chart B, so the end is literally in sight now.

Which is a very good thing, because as much as I am enjoying knitting this, and crossing my fingers that my beads will hold out and I won't have to go buy more, the Spring Equinox is nearly here which can only mean one thing!  The Colourmart Lover's group on Ravelry is having their Spring Contest.

For the Fall Contest I designed and knit Caramel with Cinnamon Shawl.  When I was knitting it one of the stitch patterns I used sparked another idea, that has been percolating in my back brain ever since, so I have a vague idea what I want to do for the next contest.....and need some swatching time (which is allowed) before we actually start on March 20th.

In other news, I finally got a Kim Harrison book that was the beginning of a series. (She is the author who wrote the dragon pattern that I made twice, once for TDQ and once to send as a Stash Dragon to a friend.)  The Drafter is a pretty entertaining read.  One of the things the the main character, Peri Reed, does to keep herself busy when not running around trying to find out why her name is on the list of "corrupt operatives" is knit!  Every time I see her knitting in the book I have to snicker and wonder how much of that is Ms, Harrison and how much is Peri Reed.  It appears that Peri doesn't finish much as all. (Which is not what Ms Harrison's number of dragons, tea cozies etc I have seen on her blog would lead me to believe about her,  so that must be all Peri!) All I have seen so far, for Peri,  is works-in-progress, but she reminds me of me...those wips are in the car, the living room and her "to go" bag!  (I also really like the idea of traveling clothes for women, specifically the mention of pants with pockets big enough to hold your id and phone!  I need to get some of those!!!!)

Hopefully I will have more stuff to show you later in the week.  Until then, keep on knitting!


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