Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's on My Needles Sunday

Actually, I have a surprising lack of things on my needles this Sunday, having finished the bind off on my Annapurna 3.

Annapurna 3 is going to be the biggest of the three versions that I have knit of this pattern.  Largest needles, heaviest yarn, and 8/0 beads.  I know that even before I soak her in some tepid water and give her the "spa treatment" known as blocking.  (I always liken that to a massage, the kind where to start with you wonder if someone is trying to kill you and then when all is said and done you feel wonderful!)

As I mentioned before I was playing a pretty serious game of bead chicken with this one.  I am very happy to say I won!  When all was said and done I was down to two beads in the tube.  I held my breath each time I poked my crochet hook through a bead on those final two rows though!

But, alas, I do not have blocking pictures to show you.

It is a grey, rainy, downright icky day here.  The kind of day that makes you feel chilly just looking at it, even though really, it isn't that cold.  Just not the sort of day where I want to be playing with wet wool.

Yesterday was sunny and pretty.  Yesterday I wanted to take some photo's of some other things that I have on the back burner, but after our errands were run, the models all declared they were tired and hungry and couldn't we please push it off until tomorrow.  I should have looked at the weather forecast before I said yes.

So no fancy blocking pictures.

No other pictures for my own files.

In short the camera was feeling a little left out of things!

So, to make sure that the camera didn't decide to act the same way the dishwasher is, I took a few pictures.  I would hate for her to feel she wasn't appreciated!

Next up for my needles are swatches.  I have 7 days to figure out gauge and pattern stitches for whatever I decide to design for the ColourMart Lovers Spring Contest.  But, I will also need a portable project.  Got any suggestions?

See you during the week, hopefully with blocking pictures of Annapurna.  I am really excited to see the differences between this one and the other two.


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