Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome Home

There are a few words that give most people that warm, fuzzy, feeling.  "I love you" or "Let me help" or even better, after you have been away from familiar surroundings for a while "Welcome home."  Which is why I named this blanket Welcome Home. 

 Stats:  Welcome Home, my own madness so no one can be blamed for the pattern but me!
ColourMart 2/15 Cashmere/Merino in Natural (yeah, that will be one special baby!) almost the whole cone.
Size 5 (US) needles
Finished size 46 inches across.
Techniques used, knitting flat, knitting in the round, nupps, lace, twisted garter stitch.

Want a closer look at any of it?

Here is some lace and nupps forming hearts and diamonds and some knit twice into the same two stitches making a lattice.

And another overall view showing the twisted garter in the middle.

Not my best blocking job, I kept stabbing myself with the pins and didn't want to bleed all over it!

In other knitting news, SPF got shoved in a corner again, stabbing yourself with a size 16 crochet hook is just as bad as stabbing yourself with pins.  Hopefully the next round of medication adjustments will help with that!


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Amanda said...

Beautiful and it will be a very lucky baby to get that. Love the heart shaped nupps. Hope all jabbing of fingers have healed.