Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nothing Knitting Related, just cool stuff for me

I got home from work REALLY late last night.

Stuffed to the gills and feeling very proud of myself and my team.

I was at an award dinner, where I got not one, but two, awards for my leadership last year.

Even with all the (excuse the language) crap that I went through, the ups and downs of medications that still don't agree with me being just one, I managed to hold things together at work.  Some days I felt like I was just holding things together a little bit, others that I had a handle on things, but it resulted in a fabulous dinner out with adults. Salmon and steak, apple cake, truly wined and dined at a very beautiful location on the river in Columbus Ohio.

Here are the things I walked out with, other than a very full stomach!

Close up views too!

An Achievement Award, I suppose over time I need to collect five of them as we measure everything on a star basis and the best is Five Star!

And even more exciting, an award that wasn't just from my employer....Gallup measures many things, who is ahead in political polls, where the best places for employees to work are along with those few they call Great Workplace Managers.

The flowers were the icing on the cake, some of my favorites and oranges in the vase to give it that little extra something!  The roses smell wonderful!

Of course those wonderful things come at a price........My team and I have set the bar very high and now we have to top it this year!

Knitting content will resume later in the week.



bmom said...

Congratulations -- what lovely gifts!

Amanda said...

Well done you! I am so pleased for you and its great to see your efforts rewarded. That restaurant looks lovely!

The Guardian said...

Nice Job Mary, I'm working on being allowed to drive so that we can get together to catch up. Love the blog by the way.

Autumn former 5/3 survent

Land O Lace said...

Mary Dearest - So happy for you! So proud of you! So excited for you. Well done my friend.