Sunday, April 1, 2012

I swear the edging was three miles long!

Finally all my lunchtime, waiting for conference calls to start, watching movies with the kids and hanging out at the library knitting has paid off!

A Finished Object to show....

Girasole by Jared Flood
US 9 needles
Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash in Creme
Mods :  Didn't have enough pins to pull each of the points of the edging so I did every third.
I think it turned out big enough to wrap at least two people up while watching movies!

The center is my favorite bit!

In other news, one of my favorite designers has a pattern in Knitscene Summer 2012.  I got to test knit the piece a few months ago, and finally I can share it with you!
Filigreen Shawl is a super fast knit, fingering weight yarn, size 7 needles and you get to use a really big bead with the tassel. I used Knitted to a T Sensational Sock Yarn that I got at Wool Gathering last year.  The blocking photo is above, some detail pictures below.

The design my own baby blanket is starting to take shape, sorry no photo's, and SPF is crying in the corner for lack of attention!  Maybe I should go rectify that as I got one project off the needles....but then there is that fabulous yarn I got from Lara's Creations just begging to be turned into something wonderful!

I wonder which I will really work on???

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