Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Greens

Spring greens are some of my favorites, the greens of spring flowers starting to pop up out of the ground,
(Ignore the old leaves that were serving as mulch, really I am working on getting them out of my flower beds!)
Early spring veggies with their crisp crunch and deep flavors, sun flower micro greens growing in my window green house
 (You can just see it peeking around Girasole there!)

...and yarn from Lara's Creations!
I tried to be faithful to the other knits I have on the go, but that green yarn just whispered to me until I couldn't take it any more! 

Presenting Spring Greens, or It's Lara's Fault!
One morsel sized skein of ColourWave Basic in Spring Greens
Size 6 needles (US)
Knit until I ran out of yarn in variations of a lace pattern, if you look closely you will see that all the motifs are the same, but different heights!
When I finished it I was a little worried, had I just knit the worlds largest swatch or did I actually make "something"?
TDQ says it is definitely "something", something to wear over your ears when the morning breeze is just enough to want "something" but not a hat...
And, something to drape around your neck when your ears are fine.

Now I have to run, I have some other things to work on that will soon be green!

In case you were desperately wondering, the baby blanket is up to the edging (no photo's today, maybe during the week although I have to tell you, while I was killing an hour at the library I did a little knitting on it, and for some reason best known to myself  in my half asleep state I knit an entire row that was actually in the pattern of something else I am working on!  That is what happens when you let your fingers work on automatic while you doze!) and SPF has quieted down a little, I am onto Chart 5 but man-o-man are those rows long now!  One more chart after this one and she will be done, maybe by June????

Happy Easter!


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Amanda said...

I'm so pleased the green called so loudly - its lovely. No spring here though, just rich autumn colours.