Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teaser Shots

Details to follow, hopefully soon with finished object shots (although Sugar Plum Fairy still has an awful lot of knitting to do!)

As an aside, there are 279 pattern rows before the cast off for SPF so we could call it about 66 more rows to go before blocking!!  Yippee!!!  Of course those rounds are awfully long now.  And, the baby blanket has two more rounds of pattern before I have to make the hard choice of how many garter rows before cast off, 1, 2 maybe 3???  We will see how much yarn is left on that cone when I finish the next 2 rounds.

Autumn, it was great to see your comment on my blog, between work and kids I have been so busy I have been having a hard time keeping up with myself and feel just awful I haven't checked in with you to see how the hobby search is going.

Speaking of which, gotta run!  Garbage collection, dishes and helping with homework will fill the rest of my evening!



Annie said...

It may take long to knit SPF, but you know it really is worth every minute!

Amanda said...

Even incomplete and unblocked those two are looking very pretty.