Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some things that make me smile

Isn't that a pretty color?  It would be better if it weren't in the middle of a plant that I really wanted to cut back, and Mom make a fair racket while I took this picture, but the nest, the eggs and their gorgeous color made me smile last week. (The Other Brother says he would prefer the picture if it was centered a little better, but I did my best considering I was being dive bombed at the time!)

This week the nest looks a little different :

I don't know if the last egg is going to hatch or not, so far it is still in the nest and those hatchlings look pretty young to my inexperienced eyes, so maybe, or maybe not.

Some other things made me smile (you might have noticed it doesn't take much!) this week.
I have been seeing a lot of these herb towers around the internet, mine might be a little small but I used the pots I had!  So far just Basil and Rosemary, I need to start some Thyme to go with them as I use that an awful lot when cooking, and maybe even get some more pots and grow some chives.

My peony out front is budding up nicely, that always makes me smile.
Along with finally getting a chance to get rid of some of the weeds that had overtaken my front flower beds and laying a decent amount of mulch.
I think I need a bigger trellis!
. And lots of black currents set on my plants!

The one thing that didn't make me smile the past couple of weeks?  Taking care of everything else really did eat into my knitting time!


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Amanda said...

Those eggs are a beautiful colour. And the bird is??? Garden is looking great. I envy you your peonie.