Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anyone would think it was spring

The setting : A fairly quiet street corner, tall buildings on each corner, you are walking along, innocently minding you own business when.....

"Pssst.  Yes, I am talking to you, no need to look over your shoulder like that.  Why don't you come over here so I don't have to yell?

That's better.  Now I would like you to know I do not make a habit of this, but you look like  a kindly soul, and when I saw you walking by I thought to myself, now there is someone who would appreciate a glance at something beautiful.  Something that you don't see every day.  Something that I have in my possession, and for the right person would share a peek at.

So, what do you say?  Would you like to take a little peek?"

But wait, there is more...
I am sure that many an unsuspecting person has been lured into the murky path of drug use through those very words, and being a yarn pusher, I mean finder, I just had to share with you what was waiting in my mailbox yesterday!

There is a new yarn seller in town and you have to see the yarn in person to believe just how creative she is!  In the skein you can see that the colors morph from the palest shades of color to deep vibrant tones, but what you can't see is that in the knitting you can't tell when one color changes to the next! (Which I admit can be a little disconcerting when you decide to just knit to the next color change, you can stay up all night knitting that way!)

These are just two samples of the new yarns from Lara's Creations.  Right now she is an Etsy Seller, but to be honest I see her with her own website or yarn in a store near you sooner rather than later!

Just in case you need a pattern for this glorious yarn, something small to try it for yourself to witness those miraculous color changes, try this one :  Wisteria Cowl. (As an added bonus if you are a member of the Sugar Plum Fairy Yahoo Group I believe there is a coupon code to get a discount on the yarn, I might have to shop some more for myself!!)  Tell Lara that I sent you, and when you are done knitting let her know what you thought of the yarn. All Yarnies like hearing that they made other yarnies happy!  :)

Now my new best friends and I are going to sit on a comfy chair and dream of what they will become!



larascreations said...

Thanks, I love it and am cracking up :-). Any decisions on how they'll "grow up?"

Amanda said...

Cruel to place such temptation in my path. Those yarn looks fabulous.