Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is Suzie Homemaker up to now?

Canning jars and pasta pots made another appearance this afternoon at Chez YarnDiet.

This time it was cherries going into simple syrup and being preserved. If I can get my hands on a real steal of a deal on cherries I would really like to dry some as well, but I was only up to pitting so many of the tasty little orbs in one day! (Of course it might have been easier if I had a cherry pitter or cherry stoner but I don't and my local grocery store didn't have one either!)
Doesn't look like much, does it? Funny thing there, originally there were six of those pint sized jars filled with cherries, and then there was a knock at the door and somehow, no one is quite sure how, four hot (and I mean hot they had just come out of their boiling water bath!) jars went home with someone else. Actually two someone elses who had come to see how I was doing and volunteered to be quality control! I will be in need of tea-towels if the ones that were wrapped around the jars don't find their way home.

I finally finished up Chart 4 of my Back to the Garden Stadium Blanket for Groups of Two or More !
I still have some yarn on the first cone, but the math does not work for me getting through all the charts. There is a stopping point at Chart 5 but with another cone available I don't want to stop too soon so I will plug away at the knitting to Chart 6. (Not that I have started Chart 5, but planning ahead here!)

Closer look at the pattern, sorta! It was late when I finished up the knitting and snapped the pictures so they are not the best.

I have also been planning ahead to my next project - don't all knitters do that?- and while I need to knit a scarf for Beth I want something else, something stunning..something like this :

American Brilliant

What do you think? Too ambitious?

Let me know.


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Amanda said...

Cherries - my favourite! Your BTTG is going well, And as for American Brilliant, you should have started it yeaterday. Go for it!