Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to the Garden Chart 2, finally

It took me longer than a minute to knit this clue, which as it was fairly short worries me a little as the piece gets larger and larger! One of the more mathematically inclined people in the group calculated that at this point we are 13.8% of the way through the knitting of this shawl. Which as I have used more than 13.8% of my available stash of this yarn could leave me scrabbling towards the end.

Luckily at that point I have two choices, three really but I am not sure how changing yarns part way through on this one would look so we will ignore that choice! The first choice being that there are actually several ending points along the way, so when I get really close to being out of yarn I could just stop at the next stopping point, or I could hit another knitter up for their leftovers.

At this point, I will just wait and see how the yarn holds up!


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Amanda said...

Whatever you do its going to look magnificent so just enjoy the suspense!