Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not where I thought I would be

I mentioned yesterday that Chart 4 for Back to the Garden had been published, in the normal way I would be jumping all over that chart and have a completed section to show you on my circular shawl...but......

I am one pattern repeat shy, now, of completing The Other Brother's blanket, and truth be told, as much as I like the way the pattern looks, and he is thrilled with the color and yarn that he picked out....knitting it is not fun. My little baby sized hands still, after all this knitting, have not figured out a comfortable way to hold the needles, so I spend a lot of time picking them up and putting them down. I look like a novice knitter working on it!

I am holding Chart 4 until I finish the blanket, bribing myself ! Finishing was supposed to happen today.

But do you see this?

There are still needles in that blanket, because it is still not done!

Why, you might ask?
You can't see it from here, but there is ice-water in the crock-pot ceramic bit, liner? What is that bit called?

A couple of weeks ago it was jam/jelly making day on a Sunday here, today....

Putting up corn.

The First Twin has decided that he prefers his corn creamed, with extra milk and butter, while The Drama Queen and The Other Brother prefer it on the cob. We now have both kernels and half sized cobs tucked away in the freezer.

But no finished blanket!


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Amanda said...

I know what you mean about the telegraph poles - and they are hard on the wrists too. Oh and I prefer mine on the cob thanks!