Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally time to block!

The knitting was finished earlier this week, nearly the whole week ago actually! But blocking had to wait for me to have more than a few minutes to myself.

Presenting The Other Brother's Blanket.

(TDQ in for scale)

Pattern : Umaro by Jared Flood (You might know him as Brooklyn Tweed)
Yarn : Something Acrylic from Joann Fabric...TOB picked it out himself because it was his favorite color. I have since lost the labels but it is a worsted weight and I used it doubled to get somewhere close to the size he wanted without having a bajillion stitches on my needles.
Needles : Size 15(US) Knit Picks Options.....Wowser was that like knitting with logs!
Mods : Not really a mod but I misread the pattern and stopped half a repeat too soon in this! Good thing too, even though we got 2268 yards (doubled that is still 1134) I would not have had enough to complete that last half repeat and the seed stitch edging.

We all know it isn't finished until the blocking is done and the ends are clipped....Put a gift tag on this one and call him done!

Now, if only my Back to the Garden was caught up. Chart 5 and a wonderful mitt pattern have been posted and I am still plugging away on Chart 4. Maybe tomorrow.



Amanda said...

You are a marvel! Stunning blanket. And I bet you are looking forward to lovely small nedles again. I've only started on chart 2 so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Annie said...

It took only one week before you blocked your blanket? I took me several months before I blocked my shawls... But it's always a miracle to see how good the knitting looks after blocking. Your blanket is beautiful.
The fifth chart of the BTTG shawl will be started here today.
Happy knitting!