Saturday, August 6, 2011

I thought I was caught up and then

I thought I was caught up on Back to the Garden and then the next chart got released so I have a whole 'nother one to do before I can say I am with the curve. Notice, not ahead of it, just barely keeping up with it.

Work has hit new heights of "oh my gosh I am just a little overwhelmed with all I have to get done" including spending one evening a week sitting in a park listening to local (and some not so local) musicians play jazz while "living the brand", which is a fancy way of saying selling without actually selling, of all the nights I have gone only once did I remember a camera and then I only used it to snap one picture! My partner in crime that goes with me has more, he just has to get them to me. Some of the crowd really dresses for the event, I hope he shares some of those pictures so I can show you how people hang out in a park in style in Central Ohio.

This is how close to the stage I get to sit. When the mayor doesn't show up and steal my time slot I get to be up there welcoming people to the event and pitching the brand some more. The mayor does a pretty good job of letting everyone know how much money the bank gives to the arts, so it doesn't bother me at all when he takes my time slot.

Back to knitting stuff, which is really what you care about, right?

Baby Blanket Through Time is going really slowly, I still have about 40 rounds to do before I can call it a done deal, yarn for The First Brother's Blanket is picked but we haven't decided on a pattern. After slogging through The Other Brother's on size 15 needles I am aiming for something on a needle no larger than a 10 (US) and preferable smaller than that. The Drama Queen wants me to go back to working on hers, it still has thousands of stitches to go.

One way or another all three are getting blankets and baby blankets put up and sooner rather than later. I might have to win the lottery and stay home to knit all day to get it done though.


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Amanda said...

At least you are staying close to the BTTG progress, I haven't a hope. Do you get to knit in the park at the same time?