Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CPD Yarn, well sort of

Not every bank has a police officer in it, in fact, to my knowledge most do not have a Special Duty, honest to goodness, gun and badge carrying police officer in the lobby. My branch is special!

We cycle through officers, some only on Monday's, some mornings one day and afternoons another, but they are all Columbus Police Department Officers, and generally speaking really nice guys. Spending a good chunk of each day with us they get to know us, and we get to know them and it isn't a secret that there are a couple of things I like to do outside of and knitting.

Food is our usual topic of conversation, but every now and then we stray into other areas, like my knitting.

A little bit ago one of the officers mentioned that his wife (who doesn't knit) had some yarn she was going to get rid of, and asked if I would like it. Think about that for a second, would I like yarn??? Well I have been bitten by that bug before and agreed to take so and so's great grandmothers yarn only to get Red Heart so old it is crunchy, but the worst that could ever happen in agreeing to take yarn is that it would be something I would never knit with and either passed on to someone else, or stashed away for someone else to deal with when the SABLE* actually outlived me.

Today he brought me the yarn, and then had to call his wife when I had him double check that she really wanted to get rid of it.

Not a single fraction of anything other than gorgeous 100% Virgin Wool (I know that because the inside of the cones says so!) Mostly natural colors, with a bright green and some blue thrown in, all neatly wound onto what have to be 1 kg cones and larger...If I was to hold to my "all yarn from non-knitters is knit and returned as a finished object" for all of this I would be knitting for Beth for a very long time!
I haven't done a wraps per inch test yet, but eyeballing it I have a pretty good selection of DK and heavy fingering yarns there.
And what does she want me to knit?

A scarf.

All that yarn and she gets a scarf!

I better start looking for one fantastic scarf pattern!! Any suggestions?


* SABLE, Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy

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Amanda said...

WoW! That is staggering!! What about the Cable and Lace Scarf Redux on Ravelry?