Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finaly some Laceweight

Back to the Garden is still going strong! Chart 4 for the main piece was uploaded yesterday, and while I haven't actually got around to knitting it, it looks like another fun chart. Before I cast on for the main piece (my circular stadium blanket!) I cast on for one of the side projects, The Elm Leaf Scarf.

I got to sample a new silk yarn from Land O Lace a few months ago and knit a Swallowtail Shawl out of it. I was so impressed with how well Kayla knit up, blocked and wore that I had to have more!

There hasn't actually been a lot of fine weight knitting going on at Chez YarnDiet, and this scarf certainly took me a lot longer than my usual "needles on fire" speed of knitting but I am so pleased with the results!
As with many scarves length is a matter or personal preference, in this case I knit 12 repeats of the main pattern. Judging from how much yarn is left I could have knit at least one more!

Pattern : The Elm Leaf Scarf, side project from Back to the Garden by BadCat Designs
Yarn: Kayla from Land O Lace in Shoreview (which reminds me of spring flowers, first crocus or lilacs!)
Needles : Size 1, US
Beads : Size 10 plain glass beads, you can barely see they are there!
No mods on this one!

The Other Brother's blanket is now officially 66% done! The First Twin is busy looking through my stash to see if there is anything there that he considers "good enough" for his blanket and TDQ has been grouching that hers isn't complete yet! Add in my baby blanket through time needing just another 45 rounds and I have just a little bit of knitting to do!

It works for me, too hot out there to do yard work anyway! :)


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Amanda said...

Love the scarf! Looks fantastic. Mine is "resting" at the moment.