Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Odds N Ends

I should be working on two sweaters, one a stripey, lace affair, the other a plain colored, very serviceable cable design...neither has been in my hands for a while now. Both are fabulous patterns, and neither one is holding my interest!

So what do you do when the knitting mojo abandons you?

Well, I can tell you what I did, or rather what was done unto me. :)

Small little projects, the kind I used to be able to finish in an evening or just on my (occasional) lunch breaks, so what if now they were taking a week or more to knit, it is knitting and let me tell you beats the heck out of the side effects of those drugs that well meaning doctors prescribe.

First up : another small test of yarn. There will be a bit of a wait for this one, so all you get is teasers. Coming soon to a retailer, from one of my favorite hand dyers :

This yarn is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft, and a certain teenager in my life has absconded with the socks themselves so I can't tell you from personal experience how they feel on the feet. I will let you know when and where the yarn is available, I think, no I know, I want more of it!

The pattern was a mystery sock from Sock Knitters Anonymous, now officially named Cadence Socks. Nifty pattern, more on that later....

There was a little bit of yarn left, so I was encouraged to knit something even smaller.

Itsy, bitsy baby slippers! The pattern is very well written, and even better it is free! Thanks SockPixie for the inspiration to use up some ends.

And for the more about that nifty pattern above?
Blue mitts that were supposed to go to a birthday party last week, unfortunately they were not finished in time so they will head into the "gift basket" for the next party. They include a small section of that sock pattern, only on the tops of the mitts.

So who, you might ask, done unto me?

The Drama Queen was the instigator, she needed gifts for birthday parties and insisted that my hand knits were the only things that would do!

Now maybe, if it would just stop raining and give me some blue sky and sunshine I might get some more of my mojo back!!!!



Land O Lace said...

OMG - those baby slippers are too adorable!!!!

Amanda said...

Fabulous socks!

Jeri said...

Glad to see you are knitting again! Lovely work, and excellent presents. Hope May flowers come after the showers.