Saturday, May 7, 2011

A bit at a time

In keeping with the "knit little bits of things" theory, I am working on squares right now. So far I have six complete, number 7 is on the needles right now!

I can't tell you anything about the yarn, other than it is cabled and I scored a huge bag of it...hopefully enough to turn the little bits of things into a blanket/throw for TDQ's bed.

The observant among you will recognize the pattern. It is Summer Squares from BadCat Designs, which was our summer knit along in 2009.
I am planning on having all the squares be the same color with a lighter but complimentary joining thread and edging.

Right now I don't even know how many squares I will need, or will be able to get out of the yarn that I have!

Once I have a few more done I will block them and measure to see!

Just a few months ago I would have been much further along in this project with a week of knitting in, but I am pleased that so far I am sticking with it!

Who knows, I might even get it together enough to switch back to the sweaters in the next day or so.



Land O Lace said...

What a fun project to get that 'lace knitting dose' so badly needed. I am going to keep this in mind if I may. Sometimes there is not time to sit and work on the fussy Niebling on the needles; and so often I need a break from the endless request for socks (even if they include lace). Good Idea Mary!

Amanda said...

How well I know those squares! I hope to get a few more done when I get home. Yours are looking terrific.