Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In which the knitter remembers

I hope you brought a snack, this is the longest post I have written in a while!

Way back when, when Summer Squares was the current knit along for Bad Cat Designs, this knitter messed up!

I know, shocking idea that something using needles and thread would lead to errors (hah!) but this knitter had Dark Star failure! In that case it was a failure to count rows properly and instead of knitting the even number required to bring her back to the right side of the work for patterning, she accidentally knit an odd number of rows and had one section facing the wrong way.

If I recall several people couldn't tell the mistake from the picture, but I could see it.

But anyway....

I finished two more squares on the latest incarnation of the Summer Squares project.

Harp (14) and Leaf (15) :

And then measured them roughly against the bed that they will go on and decided that maybe it was time to join the squares together and figure out which edging I wanted to use!


Maybe not the brightest of ideas!
Maybe you can tell if you click to "embiggen" (side note, I love that word and steal it from the Yarn Harlot whenever I get the opportunity!)

Yep, one lonely square upside down.


Now I am back to having 15 squares sitting on my desk, crying to be a bedspread while I ignore them.

Knowing that an entire blanket was going to be too hot to work on when the temperatures start to creep steadily upward I cast on another blanket today.

Yes, another one.

Baby blanket this time so it should be cooler to work on, and I might have decided to work another Summer Squares project for it. Golden Eye, now know as the Wilson Welcome Wrap (to be known for the rest of its in progress time as the WWW) is going to be two tone and is off to a good start. I would show you pics but I can't seem to hold the camera steady enough right now, maybe tomorrow right after work I will get some for you.

Which brings me to another idea, another stolen idea actually, I seem to be borrowing things from a lot of people lately!

Someone I know recently had a baby and for this baby, her first, there was a blanket that had been knit by I believe it was a great-grandmother before she died and stored safely away until the right moment. I liked that idea so much that even though I am not a grandmother, or a great grandmother, that I think that once I am finished the WWW I will start a collection of my own. Plenty of room in a safe deposit box at the bank to store them if I knit a lot and one day, when the time is right and I am no longer around maybe a great-grandbaby will get a handed down through time hug from me.


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Jeri said...

What a lovely idea, to pass an heirloom down like that. I am sure it will be well received. I'd add my initials in it somewhere just to make the history more enticing.