Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's done!

And this is probably as close to a modeled shot as you will ever see, unfortunately.....

One of the best things about the Winter Project from Bad Cat Designs called Metamorphosis is that very early in the process there is a wonderful measurement worksheet that allows you to customize the fit of your sweater so that it fits JUST RIGHT. No playing Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this one is too big, this one is too small with sizing,

Like a good little knitter, I worked my way through the worksheet and came up with some measurements and played with gauge until I got the fit that I needed and I proceeded to knit, then stop, then knit again.

In the meantime my size changed.

A lot.

So now my sweater is too big. :( And no amount of blocking it longer will make it thin enough.*

But, I am thrilled with how she turned out anyway and maybe one day soon I will fill her appropriately!

So the obligatory stats are :

Metamorphosis Raglan Sweater Version 3
Patons Lace Yarn in Patina, less than 3 skeins
US Needles size 4
I worked Charts A, B, C and E
"If I could do it all again..." I would match the sleeves a little better! I thought I had hit the right point in the color repeat when I started the second one, but obviously I missed.

As it is not yet time for the next Bad Cat Knitalong, I might have cast on this one.

I am still working on squares, TDQ doesn't know it yet, but eventually they will be a new bedspread for her. She keeps commenting that she wants whatever they will be, but so far I have avoided telling her!


*Someone out there is thinking, Cry me a River and Get Over It. I am sure.


Land O Lace said...

Love it Mary! Now fill it out!

Land O Lace said...

verra verra nice - now fill it out!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous sweater and I am sure in time you will fill it again.

Jeri said...

That sweater turned out spectacularly, even with the minor mismatch of sleeves.I would be happy to wear it until you can fill it out again. Although it isn't is still breathtaking.