Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things to do while being still

A friend of mine and I have been talking about this off and on for a while now, the joy that can be found in just being still.

Staying put for a while and letting the things that are meant to be unfold around you.

And while that doesn't work to well for me at home, three children, too many cats, a dog, a yard, laundry, cooking, cleaning all clamor for their attention, at work we decided it was easier to do. More importantly what we are meant to be doing right now.

Knitters are very good at waiting, waiting in waiting rooms, emergency rooms, sometimes in line at the bank (although I haven't actually seen that in person I hear that the Yarn Harlot does it!) And while I have been still and waiting some things have jumped on and off my needles....

First up is the Mystery Shawlette that Wendy Knits is hosting.

That was the third cast on......the first time through for the set up I worked the charts all the way across and neglected to put in the center!

The second time I miscounted my repeats and had 6 on one side and 8 on the other, so a very asymmetrical shawl.

The third time, just like Goldilocks and the porridge it was just right.

I changed things up just a little, and all of my double decreases are centered.
Just in case you are wondering, one of my favorite yarns begged to be this project. That is Land O Lace, Steffi in Andover.

There will be more on that later!

I am still working my way through squares for TDQ's blanket. Here are 11,12 and 13.

I think that when I have 15 I will try joining them in three rows of 5 squares and see where we are for sizing. Terribly bad planning on my part as the summer weather has finally made an appearance, I will have an entire blanket stretched over my lap in 80 degree weather!

Clue #2 was posted for the Mystery Shawlette today, another 12 rows and I have already completed them. The nice thing about a bottom up shawl that starts with you casting on many, many, many, stitches is that the rows get shorter as you go!

Even unblocked she is awfully pretty!

And now she is in a ziploc bag until Thursday when Clue 3 comes out!

The down side to being still? The weeds have overtaken the garden, but I can still enjoy some of the flowers!
Miss Kim smells wonderful!



Amanda said...

That shawl looks like its going to be a stunner. What a lovely product of being still.

Land O Lace said...

how ever do you find all these projects? Lovely start to the shawl! Have a great long weekend my friend