Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Fickleness of Knitters

Well, this knitter anyway.

Cables or lace? Which is your favorite poison, I mean knitting technique?

For a long time if I had been asked that question I would have said "Cables!", hands down, cables were my favorite. Then I got better at reading charts and suddenly lace was the answer to all my knitting needs and yearning.


Well, now I think that you could say that I am fickle.

Cables? Well, yes, certainly cables!

Lace? Of course I love lace.

That might be why I have two fairly large projects on the go.

For those who love cables we have version two of St Margaret, or Madam as I fondly refer to my gray house sweater. :)

I know it doesn't look like I have got very far since last you saw her, but truth be told, this is start number 3, and rather than jinx myself I am not going to say anything at all about all the cables going the right directions now...nope, not a sound coming out of my lips.

And for those who love lace, well there is yet another variation of Metamorphosis!

The body is fresh off the needles, looking like lace usually does when it is fresh like that. Bunchy and small and not particularly beautiful.

But add some of this :
Followed by some pins and you get this.

Not perfectly blocked, just good enough to give me an idea of when to stop knitting on sleeves.

While I wait for that to dry, it is back to cables for me for the evening.

What's on your needles?



Amanda said...

Your Metamorphosis is spectacular. And the cables are looking good. I'm having another break from my cables - lace of course!

Annie said...

Your Metamorphosis sweater looked similar to mine - unblocked as well as blocked!