Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing to see here...

A favorite author of mine who hangs out (sometimes) in an online virtual bar once let the cat of the bag that she was working on "the next one" with the comments...Nothing to see here, just move along, keep moving along.

In case you hadn't noticed there are some big holidays looming in the not to distant future, and too many of my family and friends have been known to stop by here...You know who you are, so take these words to heart!

There is nothing to see here for you.

Nothing you see on this blog is for you.

These are not the Jedi you seek...oops wrong movie!

So skaddale so I can show pictures of what I am working on, already!

Yes, this means you and you know who you are! Scoot!

Are they gone?

Just in case anyone is still lurking around...Hah! I fooled you, this certainly isn't your Christmas present.

I was asked if I could replicate a store bought vest in an infant size before Christmas, and as it turns out I can.

Stats: Baby vest
Yarn : Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed in Soot
Needles : US 1's and 2's
Pattern : copying this one :

It has been a long time since I had any new little ones running around my house so the vest seemed to fly off my needles and while it is not an exact replica, it isn't too far off. Hopefully it is close enough to keep the new parents happy. :)

I still have one sleeve on TDQ's Christmas sweater to knit. I decided to change my system and it is actually on the back burner for a while. There are people that I have to mail gifts to and I really should get theirs knit first as I can (and have) sit up on Christmas Eve to finish things for people who live in my house.

I might be moving faster on this if I hadn't decided to make up my own pattern as I went!

Like I said, nothing to see here, you might as well move along!


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Amanda said...

Cute little vest and I like the colour of that sweater. As for the rest - watching and waiting!