Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bad choices and I need a photographer

There was a little finishitupus this weekend, finally cast off and blocked my second Endless Knitted Cardi-shawl This time it was knit using Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 2ply in the color Ayers Rock. My intent was to use larger needles and get a softer drape than I did in version 1 and if my gauge had been consistent that might have been what I got....instead I got an almost-too-big-man-that-is-a -lot-of-drape piece that I had the bad judgment to wear with red sweat pants and pin with a double pointed needle for self portraits!

The least I could have done was brush my hair before throwing the finished piece on and trying to get pictures!

And while a double pointed needle can certainly step up and act like a shawl pin, grab a wooden one for a much better look than I presented here!

In other knitting news, such that it is, those long rows didn't stop me from making progress on my Feather Weight!

Terrible picture coming up!
No, I am not knitting a mud colored cardigan, the flash was just a little too much to show the sweater but here is the real color...
I made this longer than the pattern called for, and am about ready to start my third hank of cashmere to finish the sleeves. The Drama Queen opted to not have a lace edge on this, if I get around to making one for me it will certainly have a much more interesting border than the one she likes! But before I get there I have some more Christmas knitting to do and a sock that is crying piteously to have a heel, foot and toe so that it can join it's mate and be a pair.


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Amanda said...

Very tricky to photograph yourself. I do like that drape though. And the cardi is looking good too.