Monday, November 15, 2010

Startitis, Finishupus

Sounds like something from a Harry Potter Book or Movie, doesn't it? I suppose if you look at the knitting needles as wands it is a little magical the way it works.

Yesterday morning I got out a single skein of Great Northern Yarns Mink/Cashmere DK in Marigold and set it on the table while I went to grab my swift.

Upon my return I untangled the cat from the yarn and then wound it into a nice little center pull cake to begin knitting.

After digging through my knitting supplies I finally found the right needles, unwound the yarn from the cat (again!) and actually cast on for 198 yards of Heaven. A couple of rows in and I frogged the whole affair, grabbed different needles, changed the cast on, unwound the yarn from the cat and started all over again.

A few hours of raking leaves, cleaning house and cooking made this quick knit take all day, but by the time I was thinking of bed it was soaking and ready to hit the pins.

Late this evening The Drama Queen agreed to model, not the best action shots of a shawlette but they do show a couple of different ways of taking that triangle of lace and making a quick, soft, cuddly fashion statement! (above point in front, end tied over it)

A jaunty little to the side loop.

We would be wrong not to include standard triangle shawl style!

And The Drama Queen's favorite.....

Doesn't she look just like a bandit?

Once it was washed the cat left it alone, so I assume he liked the smell of mink!

Mods : Turkish Cast On, Additional Border Stitches
Ultimately I used 210 of my 230 yards of yarn
48 inch wingspan with a 23.5 inch drop.

Not bad for a days knitting.