Saturday, November 27, 2010

Count them down

In this past of the world (North America, specifically the United States) this past Thursday was one of great anticipation. Anticipating lots of good food and time spent with family or friends. Anticipating diets left on the road side while turkeys roasted (or deep fried) across the country. There is thankfulness across the land, being thankful for what we have or had throughout the year, thankful for food on the table, roofs overhead.

Knitters have much to be thankful for too. Consider that in many parts of the world the struggle just to get enough to eat, and here I am with food overflowing my table and a yarn stash over flowing its bounds in my craft room. Just the fact that I can afford the time to knit is amazing when there are people who toil from sunrise to sunset to feed their families is more than enough to be thankful for and that my stash includes some really nice fibers is certainly icing on the cake!


As a knitter there is another type of anticipation that comes with Thanksgiving in America. Or maybe it should be called terror!

How many days left to knit before the BIG DAY ?

How many presents are left to knit??

Well knock a couple more off my list.

Presenting more Christmas Hats.

Here we have Hat 3.
Just a simple watch cap style ribbed hat with wide turn up brim. Two by Two ribbing from start to crown decreases and I fudged the ribbing from there.
Lion Brand Lion Cashmere Blend (I am pretty sure this is discontinued which would make sense as my sister picked me up a large selection for a song ages ago!) in a rich navy blue and a buttery cream, held double from start to finish.
Size 10.5 (US) needles and it was cast on, cast off in a matter of hours.

With the left overs from that we have :
Four of Hats.

Same yarn, same needles, this time as a Garter Ribbed beanie and I cut it very, very close on having enough yarn for this adult size hat...inches of yarn left over at the end.

Two hats in one day isn't bad, but if I am going to actually get all of my knitting done I need to pick up the pace just a little. It truly isn't fair that in my family part of our "counting down to Christmas" involves counting birthday parties between now and the big day.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that your own holiday knitting is going well!!



RosalĂ­a said...

Lovely caps. We celebrate others days.
Cristmas time is from december 24th to January 6th. I'm still planning little things to knit or other crafts.
It's a beautiful time!

Amanda said...

Holiday knitting? Is that when you take your needles on vacation? ;)