Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Kidding!

A couple of days ago, Amanda posted this.

When she says Blogging Buddies are the best, she really means it, and I have the proof!

Direct from Eat, Sleep, Knit to me, from Amanda! Scrumptious!! TDQ and I were having a heated discussion about who the Madelinetosh yarn was ultimately going to be for when Amanda gave the following words of advice :

"A wise woman once said, She who knits gets the socks!"

Words to live by in my book.

The only other thing to say is THANK YOU! You made my day.

On the, is she trying to give herself repetitive motion disease front we have.....

and by the way if you are related to me STOP HERE, SPOILERS AHEAD....

Supposedly this is my own design, but there are only so many ways you can knit a Raglan Cardigan so it looks an awful lot like this one in Knitty.

Stats : Top Down Raglan Cardigan with Happiness or St. John's Cross cables on the sleeves and something special on the back. The body is predominantly reverse stocking or stockinette stitch (depends where you are from!) which switches to 4 stitch cables, alternating right and left crossing, for the cuffs and bottom. There are five buttonholes awaiting buttons to go through them. (I made the buttonholes the wrong size for the buttons I wanted!)
Yarn : Aracania Nature Wool, Color 54, Just under 4 skeins
Needles : US 8
Size : Too big for me, so it should fit who it is meant for!

Oh, you want to know about the something special on the back?

I had a heck of a time trying to get that to show up in a picture!

The other two Christmas knits I have on the needles are steadily progressing, but both are in heavy worsted weight yarn and I am starting to feel it in my wrists and of all places my thumbs. I have been mulling over some solutions today, most of which involve starting the next project!

Sorry, I have to give you a little bit of back story to get to the question I have for you!

Last year, my ex-sil and her family sent me some yarn for Christmas. It wasn't something that I would have bought for myself and it wasn't in TDQ's fav color, so I knit a bulky weight (ick!) scarf and sent it right back to her! Being the polite person she is I got a Thank you letter almost immediately with comments about how she and her version of TDQ argued about who got to wear it. Having knit all those scarves for TNNA this year, I am scarfed out and really do not like the idea of making another scarf to send to ex-sil for Christmas this year but really I should.

Now wasn't that a long winded way of getting to this question?

If it were you, would you pick a nice yarn and knit a scarf or pick a nicer yarn and knit a shawlette? And if you knit the shawlette would you include pictures so she would know how to wear it?

If it helps, I was thinking along the lines of 198 yards of Heaven (rav link) in Great Northern Yarns mink!

Either way, to take the strain off my wrist I am going to go wind some yarn now!


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Amanda said...

Welcome to the mutual admiration society ;)

I'd go for the shawlette with photos - that way everyone will get something out of it. (I'm a bit hooked on shawlettes as gifts at the moment because its such an instant gratification knit)>