Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think I'll take a Fifth

Yet another Christmas hat worked its way off my needles yesterday! And, if I am counting correctly, this is the last of the "I need to hurry up and finish these, they have to travel a long way for Christmas" knits. :)

Turn a Square by Jared Flood
US 7 Needles
Lion Cashmere Blend for the base and
Noro Silk Garden Sock held double for the stripe.
The pattern promises a quick knit for gifting and it certainly was that...got this done in an evening with time to spare to finish up the knitting portion of :
Kind of funny looking? It is I am a Mole (and I live in a Hole) tea cozy, minus the flowers and the mole! Hard to finish up the mole when you forget about getting fiber fill stuffing!

Can you see it's little toes?
Those were a pain in the you know what to knit, but look oh so adorable on the finished mole! Hopefully soon you can see them the way they should be.

Next up?

Another biggie, so no finished objects for an Ohio minute!*


it does not mean 60 seconds when used in slang terms. Usually means a long time, from a week to a few months, maybe even a year.

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Amanda said...

Love that tea cosy - so cute. And I wouldn't mind a few of those Ohio minutes!