Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's in the Bag on Wednesday

What's in my knitting bag this week?

A linen shawl....some feathers....and the eternal socks.

I am so, so close to being done knitting this sample shawl.  The yarn is an ever so pretty pinky salmon color, 100% linen (which I think I finally have the hang of working with!) and the pattern is a mix of textures and lacy bits and makes me smile while I work on it.  (One of my goals this year was to design things that made my heart sing!

And Feathers!

Evie Scott  has this wonderful pattern in her Ravelry Store called Quill.  It is a very "me" sort of design for a cardigan.  Plain and comfy looking from the front, with feathers up the back that really add a little flair to what promised to be a very functional garment.  She is hosting a knit along where people can get "straight from the designer" help if they need to figure out the math a little differently to suit their body shape.

I joined the KAL, not because I needed help figuring out the math, that part I think I have down.  I am not up to grading a sweater into 16 different sizes, but I can figure it out for my body shape.  I joined for the fun!  And boy is it ever fun.

So, if you have a need for a beautiful cardigan sweater and want to join in the antics that is a chat thread in a KAL head over to this group on Ravelry.  To play along all you have to do is join the group, buy the pattern and pick your yarn, then declare you intent to knit....there will be prizes and lots of wacky jokes I am sure.

Tune in Tomorrow for a pattern release from me though!  This one has been waiting patiently for it to be her turn in the spotlight.  I hope you like her, I did!



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