Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We are all just prisoners here

So, bonus points for knowing where the title comes from, but...

I am stuck on sleeve island. If the travel agent is to believed there will be a stop at Collar Cove and then a return trip home, but not until the weekend. Actually the rest of the trip cannot take place until the weekend.

I am a very goal driven person.  My goals for this week...a sock, a pattern, some coaching, some networking and research for things that have absolutely nothing to do with my knitting life.

So far,  I have toured a couple of technical institutes (with and for kids), and a whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo that makes no sense to me to have to go through....oh well, maybe next week will be more knitting productive.

Until then it is edits, writing, a foot to a sock and an IEP meeting.

So how is your week?


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