Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Back to the Frog Pond Again

I won't bore you with the details...just know that I am enjoying a quick swim with the frogs in the local frog pond because I am six types of idiot.

(Some of you will know that to be true, in fact you have been telling me my entire life just how many types of idiot I am!)

Other than that, life is good at Chez Yarn Diet.  :)  I just need six or seven more sets of arms because I might just have charted and written enough designs to keep me going for the next year or so!

But...if you use Stitch Mastery, can you tell me, other than having it spit out written directions for your charts, why is it better than excel?

Between my tax refund and some third party submission money I might have the extra cash to buy the program and want to know if really it is worth it, or should I invest in more yarn?

Also, big shout out to Joeli from Joeli Creates.

I got an email that Designer BootCamp was coming back and I emailed her back with a question about the grading of patterns portion of the workshop and if she felt, with what I am currently doing it was worth it to me to pony up the cash to join...not only did she respond it was not the answer I expected anyone selling a workshop to give.

If you get coaching from me, her answer to me was what I would have given you...Have confidence that you know what you are doing.  Believe in yourself for a change! I believe in you and what you can do, do you?


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