Sunday, February 5, 2017


Usually on Sunday I am quiet and just post a few pictures.

Not this Sunday!  Today has been all about talking, mostly to myself about why the IRS makes tax forms so danged hard to figure out.  Excuse me, where does royalty income go on the form?  (The income listed on 1099-Misc box 2 - Royalties....not box 3, I can find that...Not that I think that technically it is royalty income, it is the advance on royalty income......Yes, I know, find a tax accountant, but I should be smart enough to figure this out on my own!) Ok enough about my first world problems and taxes probably creeps a little too far over to political to be on a knitting blog anyway.

What I really wanted to tell you about was.....

Christmas 2016.

Yeah, I know a bit late for that, right?  But not really.  See this year I sent a bunch of my friends a Christmas Package with a card that read "I am dyeing for Christmas and now you are too!" and included a package of food colors, some bare Knit Picks Stroll and the hopes that they would have some fun with them. (Not all my friends got that particular package, those that already dyed yarn got other things, but I digress..hmmm seems I do that a lot around here!)

But of my friends, the incredibly creative mind behind Bad Cat Designs and such wonderous knitting books as New Heights in Lace Knitting and New Vintage Lace just recently published a blog post, free tutorial and pattern on Ravelry showing what she did with that present.  (Go ahead and snag the free pattern and tutorial, then dye yourself some yarn and have fun!)

My friend Sheila dyed some yarn to make her version of my Overgrowth Infinity Loop...her project can be seen here and it is all dyed with food colors!  Incredible, huh?

Apart from yelling at forms my weekend has been spent knitting quietly away with a new to me fiber.  Pretty soon I will tell you all about my adventures with it, what I have learned and hopefully show you a beautiful finished object...

Until then....what frustrated you this week?  And what worked out really well?


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