Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Vague To Do List

Those who know me, and probably even some who don't, know that one of my "claims to fame" at least in the world of those who know me on Ravelry is that I am very, very specific in goal setting and those I coach will tell you that I am even more specific on breaking goals down into tasks.

My weekly goal sheet for this week is ever so specific.  I have a list of how many rows I need to knit by the end of the week (broken down into the daily numbers!) and which patterns I am working on that will need my attention, along with which threads on Ravelry I am watching for testing input or KAL comments (more about that in a second) which is why when I made a post in the KAL that said my daily goal was to "Start a shawl, here is the start, so it is done, check!" everyone was shocked!

You can see it there on top of the blue knitting.

The truth is the day was a holiday, so my to-do list was very truncated!  I had all day to get the things on it done.

Back to the KAL comments.

During the Indie Designers Gift Along last November and December, I met some of the most amazing knitters and indie designers.  One of them, Evie Scott just released a cardigan pattern called Quill - go on click that link I will back?  ok.

That pattern is so totally me that I had to get it right away and join the knit along!  Well as circumstance would have it, Evie, wanted some company in the moderators chairs so she invited me to join not just as a member, but a "housemate" if you will in the group.  She has offered to let me host my test knits there and we are having a great time cheering people on with the KAL.

Evie is obviously much better about yarnie contacts than I am, she talked Cascade Yarns into donating 12 skeins of yarn as the grand prize for the KAL!  (You might want to join the fun and get a chance at winning that!)

I have more than started my version of Quill, but, I am being good and sticking to my detailed to do list and she is sitting to one side, patiently waiting her turn while that shawl you saw the barest beginnings of gets worked on.

I am not the only "housemate" in the group though, Evie also extended an invitation to PJ Kaylor, the knitting genius behind Fiber Fabrications, who coincidentally just release a duo of patterns under the name Attack of the Killer Rabbits!*
photo courtesy of PJ Kaylor used with permission
I linked to one of the patterns there, but she offers a very generous discount if you buy both together!  (Doesn't her husband make the perfect model?)

That's all from needles today, what on yours?


*Yes, she is a Monty Python Fan.

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