Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This WIP will take a while....

About a week ago, the wonderful people at ColourMart posted a message that they had some "scraps" of yarns that were probably usable, but not really something they could put up as a flop set (yarn that is no longer on the cone, but not wound, usually grouped together by weight and some semblance of color) and yarns that were partially skeined but got tangled, and that if anyone wanted to try and salvage it, they would be happy to "sell" it by the kilo...for the price of postage! (They loving referred to the deal as "H**l in a bag".)

This appealed to me for a couple of reasons.

1)  That is a lot of yarn for postage!
2)  By sending it to me, hopefully we were keeping it out of a landfill.
3)  All the different colors and textures that could be in the mystery bag could lead to some really creative knitting and weaving in this house.

Yes, I jumped all over the offer and today....

This arrived in my mail box!

I carefully cut the bag open so that I could gently lift things out and (hopefully) not tangle anything any more than it already was.

Which got me this...

And this.....

When I had sorted it as best I could by color and texture and put everything in ziploc bags until I could work through winding it into something I could knit from there was a tiny, ping pong ball sized collection of very small pieces at the bottom of the bag.

I was going to just mash them all together and turn them into stuffing, but TOB decided to sit there for a while and separate each different thing out and start making little tiny balls of "life line" yarn out of them.

So I ask you, if you had a kilo of assorted weights and colors of yarns, what would you do with them?


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