Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Another Suitcase, Another Ball of Yarn

I don't know why, but I have the song Another Suitcase, Another Hall running around in my head, I'm not going anywhere that I know of so there are no suitcases, but there are lots of balls of yarn in play at Chez Yarn Diet this week.

The problem is, not one of them is really at a point where I can talk to much about them!

There's some socks, another pair just entered "testing phase" and let me tell you, I either hit the sweet spot of when the post the testing call or there are a lot of knitters out there who like a mystery!  The socks are a secret for just a little bit longer, but, I don't really like putting out patterns that have only been tech edited and not no teaser photo, a "hush" order and I already technically have enough people testing it to make me happy!  (But the call is still open for a little while if you are interested!)

There's the first version of a linen shawl...there will be two.

And a pesky WIP that I set aside a while ago because I miscounted the edging rows I was working on and had to rip back some.

Hmmm, looks to me if I am digging through the UFO pile for things to keep me occupied I must be avoiding something.

You caught me, I am.

Sorry, too busy fixing knitting mistakes to actually finish up my tax return today!

What do you do to look busy when you want to procrastinate?


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