Friday, February 17, 2017

In Which One Thing was Cast Off...

Do you remember last November when I was all excited about the Indie Gift Along on Ravelry and then took the entire month of December to knit other peoples designs?

Let me tell you, some of the people I met were "the best" that I have ever met and I think that we have formed life long relationships from chit chatting in the chat thread and trying out other peoples patterns for a month.

One of the people I met, who designs under the name Knitted in Switzerland ( go follow her on Instagram, or take a peak at her Ravelry Store) had a need for test knitters for some "Hubby Approved" socks.  While I might not have a hubby in need in socks, I do have two (mostly) adult now sons who always need socks so I raised my hand and in between some serious swatching and some serious knittng with linen I cast on and have now cast off one sock from her upcoming collection!

In other knitting news, the linen I have been playing with? Stage one is also off the needles, but that is a story for another day!


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