Saturday, August 6, 2016

It Takes Talent to Fail

I saw something the other day, either on Facebook or something that my daughter sent me from Tumblr, or maybe it just showed up in one of my news feeds...but it was talking about failure and how we view it.  Whoever was talking in the video was saying that when she was growing up, each week at Sunday dinner she would be asked what she failed at that week.

And the failure was celebrated.

Not because she failed, but because she tried something that was hard, or different.

And if she didn't have a fail of the week, it was looked at that she didn't really get out there and try.

Let me tell you, this week, if I had her family, I would be getting a freaking pool party, with ponies, ice cream and balloons!

If you have found me on Instagram you will have seen pictures of the starts of some shawls.  They all look very similar and they all have one big thing in common.

They are all not right.

Not a one.

Each was wrong differently, I will give them that.

This last one, would have been a winner in the "stay out of the frog zone race", if I could have counted correctly.

The magic to a Pi-Shawl, and a Half-Pi Shawl is in the math.

It involves just a little bit of counting.

Apparently I couldn't count.

Want to guess which rows messed that last one up?

The ones where I had to count to....

wait for it....


I am spending so much time in the frog pond this week I am getting water logged.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood please throw me a life-ring.  I might need some help getting out of this bog.*


*Not really, I don't mind frogging things when they don't work.  I do, however, get irritated when I could have prevented all that frogging by just being careful in the first place.  There are lots of tools to aid in counting, stitch markers, row counters, paper and pencil and I thought that I could do it in my head, while listening to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and drinking a nice dry red.  Maybe I should switch to white wine?  LOL

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