Friday, August 26, 2016

Fridays are for.....

Fridays are for....?????

Well, Finished Objects works, even if you have sort of seen this one, I managed to take a better shot of her on the fence. (The model having shocking purple - perfectly purple- hair put a bit of a damper on the modeling!)

I think I actually need to re-block this one.  I pinned her out in a bit of a hurry and then stood the mats up, braced with chairs, so that the "wet wool" patrol* couldn't mess with it too much during the day, and I am not really sure it is straight.  Good thing that I think blocking, like turning the heel on a sock, is magic!

But, Friday's are also for.....


I decided that it was time to knit a design that wasn't something that I came up with, or something that I was testing for someone else.  It was time to just mindlessly follow someone else's instructions.

That, and I am a sucker for a knit along and Knotions is having two this month! (Luckily for me I didn't have enough yardage of anything appropriate to knit the Inis Oirr, so Nana's Cottage it is!)  And hey, you can enter for free yarn here for Inis Oirr if you want!

After going shopping in the yarn store in the basement (I mean in my stash!) I came up with three colors that I thought would look rather nice together (along with purple hair) and cast on.

Before I had hit the bottom of the second page of instructions TDQ let me know that the colors I picked were not right.

Her exact words were....."Does that not look like the one yarn crashed a party that she knew she wasn't invited to, and that she didn't fit in?"

Back to the yarn store, I mean stash room, I went.

While I was picking another yarn, I moved around which was going to be the first contrast color and which was going to be the second. 

Now they are all much closer in hue, almost dare I say, too close?  But, this one has the TDQ seal of approval. So I guess it stays, even though I got a comment on either a Ravelry post or an Instagram that they thought it was the paler color in there that was the problem.

The editor of Knotions, Jody, is also knitting one, hers is in a bright yellow, green and blue combination which I think will be stunning.  But, as she is hoping to wear Inis Oirr to Rhinebeck I suspect her knitting time on it will be limited.  Inis is a BIG project.**

I think in real life my Nana's Cottage looks more "ashes of roses" than purple, more like the yarn picture than the project photo, but TDQ assures me they are purple and "everything purple is hers, everything else can be painted or dyed...purple"

*the cats, we have a socially unacceptable number of cats and they make it their business to check out the wet knitting while it is blocking!

**The only reason I am not knitting along with that one was the yarn store, I mean stash, failed me, I don't have enough of any one yarn to make it. With user fees, tuition, books and the garage door deciding to hold me captive in my house there is no yarn money this week..sigh.

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