Saturday, August 13, 2016

Did you subscribe to Knotions?

If not you should....

Just saying!

You should check out the Fall Preview.

You never know, someone you know might have a pattern in there.

But even if she didn't, 26 Free to User patterns is nothing to sneeze at!

Check it out and give Jody, the editor a round of applause, it takes talent to tech edit that many patterns and get that many designers all lined up in a neat little row for publication.*


*If she has any hair left or any that isn't grey already it is not my fault....I think I tried her patience pretty well this time around.  Of course, I jinxed myself, said that I wanted to send her a pattern that she couldn't find anything to tech edit oh man was I wrong!

You know what I say about calculated risks and not being good at math, in this case there was no risk and I still wasn't good with the math!

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