Saturday, August 20, 2016

I've got a Knotion

Or rather, I have a pattern in Knotions!

Presenting :


Enough, and Adequate.

 These are the words that my dictionary uses to define Sufficient and that I use to describe this shawlette.  One skein of Unplanned Peacock Sudio’s TwistySock is enough to knit a shawlette that is adequate to wrap around your shoulders on those short sleeve days where you need a little “something” but not a full size shawl or sweater.  
It starts with just a few stitches, provisionally cast on, to form a garter tab to become the top edge, and grows quickly with a few more increases worked each row than in your typical top down triangle.

I just love the shape!

A very simple lace border that is both written and charted, gives it a gentle ruffle when blocked. 

Or left unblocked a "rufflier" ruffle.

I was still playing with spines when I created this pattern.  No yarn over, knit one, yarn over in this baby. 

I knew, when I first saw the yarn that Natasha at Unplanned Peacock sent me, that I wanted to use every last scrap of it!

 And use it I did. 

 I  made use of what should be a kitchen tool to make sure I did not run out half way through the bind off and have to rip back! Apart from when I am making jam, bread of shrub, I think that these scales get more use at my knitting desk than in my kitchen.

Using a stretchy bind off takes twice as much yarn as a single row (knit or purled) so I weighed my yarn, knit a row, weighed my yarn again and once I knew how much yarn a single row would take I could just double that number to know how much I needed to bind off without running out. 

As, in this shawl, all the increases are worked before you start the border, it was very easy to keep track.  You can end the border any time in the process, less rows will give you a more ruffled appearance in the finished shawl, which is an alternate look that I will be playing with another day.

Working with Knotions and Unplanned Peacock Studios to bring you this pattern, was again a pleasure. 

This is my third time in the online magazine and Jody makes the process so easy, from submission through to final edits and the "We're Live" email.  I can't imagine how hard her job must actually be, especially for an issue this size......26 designs, the tutorials, the picture editing, schematic creation, give the lady a round of applause for getting it all done!!!

I have now worked with Unplanned Peacock yarn for several designs.  It is wonderful yarn, in some very pretty vibrant colors.  Natasha keeps posting new colorways on Facebook and Instagram, which have me plotting and planning.  Her fund raiser runs for a few more days, so if you are in the market for that beautiful rainbow yarn that showed up for Hugs and Stardust and Hugs and Stardust Hats, you need to order soon.  The color will be discontinued at the end of the month.

Now I am off to wait for the garage door repair man, and try to knit 7000 stitches before the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. 

Happy Weekend!


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