Monday, July 11, 2016

Thanks to Pokemon Go

In an unusual turn of events I did not have to bribe the models to actually venture a little bit away from our house to do a photo shoot for some finished objects.  (Some of them pretty old finished objects that just needed a quick photo update for print versions of patterns.)
Step Into Spring
 All it took was the magic words...There might be Pokemon there.*

Bag of knitting, camera and water
Luckily for me there were Pokemon there, so 2 out of 3 models were very happy.

Putting on upcoming socks

The third was actually more interested in looking at the park we went to and noticing that just about everyone else there was staring at their phone or tablet looking for Pokemon,
 while I was looking for the "perfect" spot to take pictures and staging them.

They didn't even complain how hot they were in knitted items.....
Upcoming hat pattern

Of course, long after I was through taking pictures they were still tracking down imaginary creatures. one walked into trees, doors or oncoming traffic and I only got a little bit too much sun on my shoulders.

So it is all good!


*For those who do not know Pokemon Go became available in the US this past weekend.  "Get Up, Get Out and Explore" or How to Play Video Games and still get some exercise and fresh air.

I also suspect that I will not have to push too hard to get them to want to go other places with me...I see another zoo trip in our near future!

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