Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday's are for Finished Objects

But not this week!

Today TOB and TFB turned 17.

Ack, how did I get old enough that my youngest children are 17?  With braces off and college days looming faster than I am ready to pay for them!

We went to (my favorite place) the zoo where we met up with one of

TDQ's friends and TFB and I had to keep slowing our pace while the other three caught Pokemon and battled gyms and collected Poke Balls....

I have made the cake and the ice cream is in the ice cream maker as I type.

A couple of presents are on the table, waiting for them to notice them.  (The traditional socks for their birthdays will have to wait until I get good pictures of them for the pattern covers...shhh don't tell anyone but just about everything I knit for them now is turning into an exercise in designing.)

I guess if we are having cake and ice cream for dinner we should count it as a 10% day!

Oh well, I am off to a wild party, and by wild party I mean: cake, icecream and knitting with a movie.


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