Friday, July 29, 2016

Not One, Not Two, But Four!

Well, it is four* the way I count things anyway!

The models finally came through for me....after a long discussion about how I was going to start designing swimwear and make that pesky trouble making model work on the photo shoot in January, preferably during a snow storm!  (Not really, but it sure sounds funny to me.)

You got a sneak peak at the scarves/cowls/infinity loops the other day with the out-take shots, but as is it Friday and the photo editing has been done, and the pattern is written and just waiting for me to "push the button" to make it available...

Presenting :

Hugs and Stardust.

From the pattern itself:

We are all Unique, Different and Somehow the Same
All of us are different, but we all have the same basic needs. released a statement in 2015 that between 1.6 and 1.7 million teens experience homelessness each year. Each person’s story for how they came to be homeless is different and the help that each needs is unique, but there are statistics stating that between 40 and 60% of them were abused and 20-40% of them cannot go “home” because they were asked to leave due to being LGBT.

I believe that no-one is homeless by choice; we all have the basic need for shelter.

I believe that love is hard enough to find in this world and that no matter who you love if they love you back, it is a wonderful thing.

In that spirit, in conjunction with the Rainbow Unicorn of Love fundraiser created by Unplanned Peacock Studio, for each pattern sold I will make a donation to Urbanpeak
to provide assistance to homeless teens. Knit yourself, a friend, or both, a warm hug knowing you are adding a little sparkle of stardust to a homeless teen’s life.

Short and Skinny: 50 inches in circumference, 7.5 inches wide
Longer and Wider: 60 inches in circumference, 8 inches wide
Unplanned Peacock Studio’s Rainbow Unicorn of Love 2016, Twinkle Twist in Spicy Rainbow 1 skein for Longer and Wider (94 grams used in sample)

Unplanned Peacock Studio’s Rainbow Unicorn of Love 2016, Twinkle Twist in Icy Rainbow and Unplanned Peacock Studio’s Twinkle Twist in Sapphire for 2
Short and Skinny loops.

 Each used 43 grms of main color and 20 grams of the contrast color.

You can add beads, or not as the fancy takes you.  (The one on the left has the beads, you can barely see them in the photo.)

Working with Natasha from Unplanned Peacock, was once again, wonderful!  She picked co-ordinating colors for both the Icy and the Spicy Rainbow, even though you only see Icy with that gorgeous blue complimentary yarn. (So far!)  Although it does not show particularly well in most of the pictures there is just a hint of Stellina in the yarn, so it sparkles just the right amount to be stardust.


You can get the yarn here, and the pattern here.  Each purchase will ensure a donation to Urbanpeak.  To learn more about them, go here!

And about that "so far"....a companion hat is in the works!

*Four - Three infinity loops and one pattern!

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