Sunday, July 10, 2016

Letters, nothing but letters

Slow blog week.

I have nothing to show you but a few more letters on my letter sampler.

Yes, a less than impressive week at Chez Yarn Diet.  Well, from a sharing perspective anyway.  I did an awful lot of "behind the scenes" work which sometimes feels like it is more time consuming than the knitting.

Lots of planning and charting, and playing with embedding text fonts into pdf files so that they can be uploaded to print on demand sites.  (I have six or seven patterns I am just dying to cast on, but startitis is a disease for which finishitupus is the only cure, so before I fall too far down the starting things rabbit hole I should finish a few things up. Luckily for a couple of the projects I have to wait for the yarn to arrive.  Who me fall off the stash down program?  Just a little bit, I saw this gradient set at Colourmart and was inspired by a picture that I saw, and I really hope it works out the way I plan.  Somehow a cone of this might have jumped in my cart too!.....)

I did a little swatching and playing with beads and nupps.
Look really closely and you can see beads
A little editing for another designer.

Errands.  Lots of errands this week.

What didn't I do?

Knit anything blog-able. 

Get the photo shoots for the next two patterns done.  (We won't mention cleaning my house!  But I did turn out a bunch of cupboards and drawers because.....)

Has anyone seen any of the US Size 3 needles that I own?



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